Deer Sir


Deer Sir has recently pioneered a new trend in Brisbane's Cafe market. Where else can you sip away at that perfect cup of all pressed espresso coffee or that ever comforting organic Harney and Son's tea all the way from New York City, while gazing over the timeless classics for your home. Deer Sir was designed by owners Michael Cotton, Brent Doughty and Ali Casey as the perfect compliment to the shopping experience sharing it's space with sister store Co Design Portside. Tucked away in the eclectic domains of CoDesign at Portside Wharf, time will get away from you at Deer Sir as you find yourself indulging in the delicious variety of sweet and savoury treats whilst allowing your senses to wonder through the extensive homewares range at Co Design Portside. Its the perfect combination for a relaxing day out. 

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